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Su Zhu set has been producing shock-pressure molding machines and supporting molding production lines since the 1960s. In 1989, we successfully developed air-impact molding lines. Then in 2004, a fully automatic hydrostatic box molding line independently designed by our experienced design team was put on the market. At present, Su Zhu complete set has provided customers with one hundred automatic hydrostatic molding lines.



In order to facilitate maintenance and disassembly, Su Zhu's complete hydrostatic molding machine adopts an independently designed multi-contact structure. The multi-contact system is composed of multiple sets of independent single cylinders. Only the faulty cylinders need to be removed and replaced during maintenance. The process features are high compaction ratio, high molding precision,
Cavity hardness is uniform. Under hydraulic power control, the multi-contact pressure can be adjusted to meet different compaction process requirements, and the compaction specific pressure can reach 1.0 ~ 1.2MPa.
The automatic control system of the static pressure molding line is prepared by Su Zhu electrical engineers, using SIEMENS. Control system, touch screen operation, industrial Ethernet communication, and an engineer station is configured in each system, and a field monitoring system is set to facilitate customer use. On-site monitoring and fault diagnosis.


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