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Z86 series hot core box core shooter is a new type of bottom-top core-lifting, fully automatic high-efficiency hot core box core shooter. It has two stations of core shooting and core lifting. , 80kg of horizontally divided sand core, equipped with a drawing and clamping mechanism, is suitable for horizontally divided four-open mold core box. It is not only suitable for the core-made sand core of the thermal core box, but also suitable for the core made of resin sand. This electromechanical control system adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens brand PLC for control, with excellent electric control performance, strong anti-interference and reliable action. This machine is equipped with electric heating control system and temperature control instrument, which can automatically control the core box temperature. The B-type machine in this series is a single station, with a core shooting station and a core starting station, and the C-type machine is a double station, with a core shooting station and two core starting stations. Type B machine twice.
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