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brief introduction Technical features Demonstration project
SRJ series semi-automatic pouring machine This machine can adopt fan-shaped or barrel-shaped ladle pouring, which can realize equal flow, equal pressure head / variable pressure head pouring, used for auxiliary manual pouring, simple operation, low price, satisfactory design, high cost performance
The movement of each axis adopts AC servo motor, the action is correct, coordinated, stable and reliable, which can achieve fixed point and tracking pouring;
The movement and pouring of each axis are completed by the operator in the control room, and can reach any position of the pouring section;
Equipped with organic external package change roller table device for quick package change;
The ladle should be placed on the roller table by forklift or truck;

Model: SRJ10 Ladle capacity: 500kg ~ 1000kg
Model: SRJ20 Ladle capacity: 1100kg ~ 2000kg
Model: SRJ30 Ladle capacity: 2100kg ~ 3000kg

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