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Z84 series cold core box core shooter is a new type of fully automatic cold core box core shooter independently developed by Suzhu Complete Company, which absorbs foreign advanced technology. This machine has a novel structure and strong functionality. It adopts a down-pressure type, with horizontal (vertical) parting, four-mold opening, blown top core, core removal from the lower top core, automatic cleaning, automatic spraying, automatic quick-change mold, etc. Features. The machine adopts hydraulic pressure, servo drive, proportional valve control, and the action is stable and reliable. The electrical system adopts PLC control, with a numerical control operation panel, a man-machine interface, which can realize the setting, modification, monitoring and fault display of process parameters, and can be configured with the outside world. Device connection. The machine is equipped with a closed enclosure screen to isolate the core making site and purify the operating environment. After continuous innovation by our company, this machine has the advanced nature of similar foreign products, and has its own uniqueness. It has become a high-tech forward-looking product. It is an excellent product for the automatic production of complex and high-precision sand molds in industries such as automobiles and diesel engines. It is suitable for different forms of cold core process such as resin sand triethylamine hardening process, water glass CO, hardening process and so on.
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